TeamCAD’s BIM Xella Web App and Library Officially Presented

Xella company has officially presented the new BIM Xella Application and BIM library that was developed by the TeamCAD companyMr. Aleksandar DjikanovicXella BIM Project Manager, explained all the benefits of the BIM app and library and its significant contribution to the professional public in the process of design and construction.

Aleksandar Đikanović Xella Srbija - Predstavio BIM Xella aplikaciju i biblioteku

On this occasion, we would like to thank Xella Serbia and Mr. Aleksandar Djikanovic for the opportunity to participate in such an important project, in which our teams of BIM specialists and programmers used all the features and benefits of BIM, Autodesk Revit software, and Autodesk Forge Cloud platform.

Xella Serbia Company

Xella Srbija je deo internacionalne holding kompanije iz Nemačke – Xella Group. Od 2006. godine proizvode i prodaju, YTONG, građevinske materijale za zidove najvišeg kvaliteta, a zatim dodaju još 2 građevinska materijala pod imenom Multipor i Silka. Xella je jedan od svetskih lidera u proizvodnji građevinskog materijala.

Xella Srbija je poznata kao kompanija koja prati tehnološke inovacije. Na primer, imaju kalkulator za aproksimaciju cene građevinskog materijala na njihovom web sajtu, kao i nekoliko Autodesk Revit plugin-ova. Prateći taj trend, želeli su da unaprede svoje poslovanje i naprave Revit BIM biblioteku sa svojim proizvodima i interaktivni web katalog zasnovan na Autodesk Forge tehnologiji.

Ovo je prvi primer ovakve saradnje u Adrijatik regionu.

The Strategy Behind BIM Xella App

Management of Xella was trying to find the solution to improve the competitiveness and to be able to facilitate the use of their products for their Autodesk Revit customers and all other stakeholders in the BIM world.

Xella and TeamCAD agreed that it is necessary to define the strategy of using Xella products in the BIM environment by implementing them into the Autodesk Revit template and developing the web catalog based on the powerful Autodesk Forge Cloud technology.

The BIM Library

An experienced team of TeamCAD’s engineers developed an Autodesk Revit template that consists of more than 60 different types of walls, more than 20 different materials, material takeoff schedules for wall materials, all following Xella’s strict product specification.

Each material and wall type has values for defined custom and native parameters. There are 3 variations of walls: one-layer walls with Xella’s core products, multi-layer walls with Xella’s wall systems, and multi-layer walls with Xella’s thermal insulation systems.

BIM Xella Web App

Xella Interactive Web Catalog is a web application accessed through a regular web browser, with no need for additional resources, software or add-ons, to use it.

On its basis it relies on the Xella BIM Library made by TeamCAD, using its models and all the additional data connected to these models. With the help of the Autodesk Forge API these models are served on the web page in two ways:

– As a totally interactive 3D model taking up a bigger part of the display, which can be rotated and analyzed
– As additional data situated in the table on the right side, which is used to give info and make calculations.

TeamCAD BIM Xella Web Application

Generally, all the data about the Xella products are accessed by choosing a certain product category, at the top bar, and then by selecting a specific product for which the user needs information, which is located on the left side of the app.

BIM Xella Project Benefits

BIM Xella Project is an excellent example of how the latest technologies can significantly add to better workflows and savings. BIM users will be able to use Autodesk Revit families and materials of the original Xella systems, saving their time and minimizing errors during work. For all the BIM construction world stakeholders, Xella Web App will serve as an important tool for all professionals, architects, and engineers.

About TeamCAD Company

TeamCAD is an Autodesk Gold Partner and consulting company that does BIM and Manufacturing consultingapplication development and maintenance of Digital Twins and FM modelsCFD analysisBuilding life cycle AnalysisData-managementProcess Engineering, and development of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

TeamCAD has officially become the only Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator in South-Eastern Europe.

TeamCAD je zvanično postao jedini Autodesk Forge sertifikovani sistem integrator (eng. Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator) u Jugoistočnoj Evropi.

Forge is Autodesk’s cloud development platform – a set of web service APIs you can use to build innovative, cloud-powered applications. By using the Autodesk Forge technology, TeamCAD has successfully developed and launched Cloud solutions for BIM (Building Information Modeling), Facility Management, Product Configuration, and Product Data Management.

While new apps and solutions are being made in the TeamCAD’s development kitchen, we would like to use this opportunity and invite you to contact us, so we can present the, virtually unlimited, possibilities of the Autodesk Forge technology, and show you a tailor-made solution that can be developed for your specific needs.
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