Purchasing and renting real estate has become simple with The BIM Real Estate (BRE) app

BIM Real Estate app (BRE)

When looking for a new property, whether you are buying or renting it, do you need more information than what is offered as standard? Do you want to know which apartments are available? Or do you need information about room areas? Do you want to measure the dimensions of a certain room or elements in the room? Or you just want to walk around the apartment like in the first-person video games?

Have you, as a property owner, thought about how much time you would save if the potential customers could find all the needed information in one place?

As a response to all these and many other questions, TeamCAD has developed The BIM Real Estate (BRE).

BRE is a web app that contains BIM 3D model made in Autodesk Revit. Because it is a web app, anyone who has an internet connection and internet browser, could access the 3D model and find out the information he wants. There is no need for any specialized software solution, or high-performance hardware if you know how to use an internet browser.

BIM Real Estate app (BRE)

The first implemented building in The BIM Real Estate app is a residential building in Đevđelijska Street in Belgrade. The investor of the building is GP Zlatibor-Gradnja a.d., and the architect is Ivana Milinković.

The BIM Real Estate app enables the customer to experience the property in the 3D surrounding, in first or third-person point of view, and to get certain information about it. The customer has the possibility, in a click of a button, to view a certain floor; to visualize unavailable and available properties; to mark a certain property and have a list of rooms and its areas, etc. The customer can easily and quickly measure the distance he is interested in, no matter if it is a distance between two walls, a column, and a wall, or furniture dimensions. Besides, the BRE app enables the customer to make 3D sections as he wishes, in order to view the building from more different sides.

BIM Real Estate app (BRE)

Also, if the customer wants to feel the space in a first-person, he can do it simply by clicking on the tool in the app. In that way, the app is going to „put“ him in the building, and he would have a possibility to walk through rooms, as he would do it in a first-person video game.

Besides, the owner or investor has an oportunity to change the property status from e.g. „available“ to „sold“, in a very simple way, even on his mobile phone.

What is necessary in order to have a building in The BIM Real Estate app?

To have the building in The BIM Real Estate app, the Revit BIM 3D model is necessery, as well as the additional data which is not contained in Revit model and the owner wants it to be available in app (e.g. if the property is available or unavailable).

What the owner or investor should provide, in order to implement the building into BIM Real Estate app, are above mentioned additional data, a Revit model (if available) or a project documentation which the TeamCAD engineers can optionally develop into a Revit 3D model.

BIM Real Estate app (BRE)

Some of the most important advantages of The BIM Real Estate app are the availability of information to all interested parties and facilitated communication between them. By this we mean, for example, the case when the customer wants to know the dimension between a wall and a column, to check if he can put his wardrobe there. In some everyday, frequent scenarios, he would have to call the owner, then the owner would call the designer, and then the designer would check it project documentation.

With The BIM Real Estate app, the customer has the possibility to check it on his own.


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