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Xella BIM Library and
Interactive Web Catalog

We have developed the Xella Interactive Web Catalog so it would serve the Xella sales force and their clients alike when planning and executing their construction efforts.

Based on the power of the Autodesk Forge platform we are able to engage users in a totally interactive 3D environment, giving them the complete dataset of each Xella product BIM model and serving this content in a regular web browser, no need for additional software or tools.

As one of the needed prerequisites for the functioning of this web application, TeamCAD’s engineering team developed Autodesk Revit BIM library with more than 60 different wall types and more than 20 distinct materials.

Xella Serbia
TeamCAD Development Team

Xella - A Great Client For The Great Projects

Xella Srbija is part of the international holding company from Germany – Xella Group. It has been producing and selling the highest quality construction material for walls, YTONG, since 2006, which was followed by starting the production of two more construction materials, Multipor and Silka. Xella is one of the world leaders in the production of construction materials.​

​Xella Srbija is known as a company that follows technology innovation trends. For example, they have a calculator for approximate material takeoff and cost estimates on their website and some Revit plugins. Following that trend, they had in mind to widen their horizons and make the BIM Library with their products in Autodesk Revit and Interactive Web Catalog of their products based on Autodesk Forge.​

This is one of the first examples of that kind of cooperation in the Adriatic region.

Interactive Web Catalog Specifics

Xella Interactive Web Catalog is a web application accessed through a regular web browser with no need for additional software or add-ons in order to use it.

On its basis it relies on the Xella BIM Library made by TeamCAD, using its models and all the additional data connected to these models. With the help of the Autodesk Forge API these models are served on the web page in two ways:

  • As a totally interactive 3D model taking up a bigger part of the display, which can be rotated and analyzed
  • As additional data situated in the table on the right side, which is used to give info and make calculations.

Generally, all the data about the Xella products are accessed by choosing a specific product category, at the top bar, and then by selecting a specific product for which the user needs information, which is located on the left side of the app.

Xella BIM Library Specifics

Revit Template file consists of:

  • More than 60 different Wall Types
  • More than 20 different Materials
  • Material Takeoff schedules for wall materials, all in accordance with Xella’s product specification

Each material and wall type has values for defined custom and native parameters.

There are 3 variations of walls:

  • One-layer walls with Xella’s core products
  • Multi-layer walls – Xella wall systems
  • Multi-layer walls – Xella thermal insulation systems

Xella & TeamCAD - Constant Innovation

On completion of our mutual project, the BIM users and Xella’s customers will be able to use the Revit families and materials with Xella’s original materials and wall systems. This is going to help Xella Serbia to gain more customers, and Revit users to save time and reduce errors.​

The forge-based interactive web app is going to represent the selling tool for Xella Serbia’s sales team, and the stand-alone product for the professional community, architects, civil and structural engineers. ​

This project helped the TeamCAD team to gain even more technical, sales, customer-related, and user-related knowledge. We believe that every project like this is going to help us reach more satisfied customers and secure our position as the leading Autodesk Reseller in Serbia.