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Wall Shelf Configurator Web App

The idea for creating this app came from the necessity to enable the users to build the wall shelves on their own without the necessity to engage the interior designers or architects. In this way, they will have a complete wall shelf project and technical documentation ready for production. If needed, professionals can interfere before the process of production and use the built 3D model to make enhancements.

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Web Application
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Wall shelves made in the regular web browser

As stated in the introduction, the purpose of this app is to enable users to create professional-looking wall shelves on their own.

Through its logical workflow, the application leads the user from the simple sketch, with the help of easy-to-use tools, all the way towards the 3D model that, together with its technical documentation, is created on the Forge server in a matter of minutes.

Screenshots From The Wall Shelf Configurator

The Application Renders a 3D model for your convenience

The resulting 3D model, rendered in the previously chosen material, is shown in the browser with the options to move, zoom and rotate, enabling the user to see how it looks, where are the intersections of the vertical and horizontal sides, and the positions of the drilled holes. The 3D model is accompanied by the complete technical documentation, containing all the drawings and data for the production process.

Another significant option is the ability to download the 3D model with all the parts, assemblies and drawings, and accompanying technical documentation, to be used locally.

Be sure to check out the video demonstration of the app.

The Demonstration Of The Wall Shelf Configurator Web App