New recognition, new certification – TeamCAD is the Autodesk Forge Systems Integrator

Recently, we have presented a couple of web applications that rely heavily on the Autodesk Forge platform, resulting from the hard-working TeamCAD’s development team.

Now, TeamCAD has officially become the only Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator in South-Eastern Europe.

Forge is Autodesk’s cloud development platform – a set of web service APIs you can use to build innovative, cloud-powered applications. By using the Autodesk Forge technology, TeamCAD has successfully developed and launched Cloud solutions for BIM (Building Information Modeling), Facility Management, Product Configuration, and Product Data Management.

TeamCAD is an Autodesk Gold Partner and consulting company that does BIM and Manufacturing consulting, application development and maintenance of Digital Twins and FM models, CFD analysis, Building life cycle Analysis, Data-management, Process Engineering, and development of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions.

While new apps and solutions are being made in the TeamCAD’s development kitchen, we would like to use this opportunity and invite you to contact us, so we can present the, virtually unlimited, possibilities of the Autodesk Forge technology, and show you a tailor-made solution that can be developed for your specific needs.
+381 11 301 50 43

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